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Thursday, October 24

Inspiring Story of "Ragusa-Ice Cream" owner


A few days ago, me and rani hunting for some gud food and we go to Sabang to enjoy Bakmi roxy, after that we went to Ragusa to have our ice cream dessert. We were very lucky that the lady owner was there, and she sat down with us.

She is a very noble woman. 75 years old, but still extremely healthy. Born of an Indian Muslim mother and Chinese father, she has a thirst for learning. She could dance, she could sing. Age holds no barriers - she started learning Chinese at 50 years old, and obtained her Masters at 65. 

She now owns a successful business (since 1972 when the Italian owners gave the business to her during the crisis), but she never forgets to give back to society. Every day Mon-Sat, she will give her time to teach orphans language lessons free of charge, and spend Sun traveling around to spread the Chinese language. The government sent her to different parts of Indonesia to pass her knowledge to teachers so that more students can benefit from her lifetime of experience.

She also loves her country. She asked her son to return to Indonesia so that he can contribute back to the country, to the poor.

She is one hell of a woman :)

She asked if I will want to join her on Saturdays, teaching the orphans. I'm tempted, because I hope I can give something to the beautiful country which has treated me so well, coz share and care to each other is beautiful.