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Thursday, October 17

The Day

this song was so damn touch my heart...and yes, i love this song beeerrryyyy much now :)
i believe, people who love this song is a people who has a gud heart...

The Day - BabyFace ( 1997 )

it was late December the news came
And I got so excited, I cried all day
And you were such a lovely, precious SIGHT
When I saw our baby in your eyes

It was like falling deep in love
I heard the angels cry above
I felt a blessing straight from God
The day that you gave me a son

I called 'bout everyone I knew
Just think, I'll be a father 'cause of you
There's no greater love than what you gave
A brand new baby on the way

Oh such tears of joy, I've never known
I can't remember
It's like a song, I've never heard
I've never sung, but know the words